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Why isn't the video working when a session is scheduled?

1. Try refreshing the page.

2. The stream may be temporarily offline while we transition from one session to the next.

I can see the video. Why can't I hear anything?

1. When the page loads, audio is muted by default. Click the video speaker icon to unmute.

2. Check your sound and speaker settings.

I'm logged in, but I can't access the attendee areas of the website

1. Try logging out and logging back in.

2. Make sure you are logged in. The login button at the top of the page should list your email address.

I'm registered for the conference. How do I log in?

1. Check the email you received from HSM that contains your login information.

2. Make sure to use the email address you registered with.

My login credentials aren't working. How do I join?

1. Double check the email you received from HSM that contains the login information.

2. Call us at the number listed above so we can reset your account.

I want to join the social Zoom meeting. What do I need?


1. Download Zoom Meeting HERE.

2. Check out the Zoom's Help Center HERE.

I missed a session, and I can't find it in the video library

1. We hope to make sessions available by the following morning. Thank you for your patience!

2. Not all presenters granted permission to upload recordings.